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Originally Posted by TomT View Post
This is true, I think. But then, so is JoelDali. Come to think of it, you, Pickle9, are something of a legend ... in my mind. Hmmm. Is it possible that my criteria for conferring legendary TT status are ... too limited? Or, have certain of your witty replies allowed you entry into a pantheon of elite, and perhaps immortal in a certain limited sense, TT posters? Is it possible that after less than 300 TT posts so many of them are of such high caliber that you have become, in the eyes of many, or the few, a TT legend? Hmmmm. Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Nevertheless, I hope you (and LeeD, and JoelDali, etc. etc. etc.) continue posting in your unique modes or styles or whatevers. It's definitely most entertaining (and, hopefully, motivating ... though in what sense that term might be applicable I don't know) for dilettantes such as myself.

If this was a bit off topic, well, excuse me, get over it. Then again, I do think that the question of how to hit penetrating slices had been adequately answered before this post. Then again, that wasn't the OP. The OP asked for videos of advanced penetrating slice technique(s). So ... post some videos of advanced penetrating slice technique(s).

And, just like that ... they were back on topic.
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