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I just bought a pair of these, coming strictly from the Barricades for over three years. These Air Max Cage shoes are roomier than the Barricades, with a higher heel while tapering lower towards the toe box. I have slightly wide feet, so they happen to fit perfectly for me (though I don't understand how ANYONE can knock on shoes that just dont suit their feet--if the shoes don't properly fit then they aren't for YOUR FEET!)

I wore them straight to the courts and played five sets of doubles. Took about half an hour or less of movement to finally break-in, and the initial discomfort was gone. After nearly 3 hours of tennis, my feet didn't ache like how they do with broken in Barricades. They do run a bit longer, but I stuck with my regular size.

One thing that I noticed about the shoes while walking was that the support around my ankles would flex outwards and away from my ankles as I would walk. It looked and felt as though the shoe was peeling/pulling away from my feet, though I didn't have any stability issues while playing. I also chose to lace up from the lowest shoe string holes at the ankles.

I didn't squeak as much as the Barricades, and the lateral support was spot on without having that harsh stabbing feeling I got with the shoulders from the Barricades. I played some spirited tennis tonight and my feet don't feel beat up and IMO these shoes have made me a big fan of Nike over my love for the Barricades and I've ALWAYS disliked Nike shoes, esp. the Vapors from 2007!

I don't care if former Nike Cage fans dislike this shoe, which probably drove them to post their negative reviews, but I am a happy camper with them and just wanted to say thank you to Nike for one upping my favorite shoes of three long years. I is in feet heaven now.
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