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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
Pro Tour....speaking of crazy families, our training group fell apart. 2 of the girls were nasty, rude, crude....loved tennis and would play for 4 hours a day. But most of the practice was spent complaining. Never wanted to do drills, only wanted to rally for hours. Rude to each other, rude to the adults.

So we pulled out and now are back to trying to find kids to train with who have similar goals and approach to practice.

you mean your academy my academy 4 kids fell apart several times, usually the parent is psycho, junior is a whiner, or sometimes parent/junior are impatient and want results now and move. The worst like I said is when the parent thinks they have outgrown the group and leave only to find out that some of the players in the group are doing much better than the kid that left. I am not admitting players into my group anymore. You have to find the right combination of you getting along with parent ( same philosophy ) and junior is well rounded and respects others. I would like to add financial means as well I know it is hard. i have a super talented kid with great parents but no money. I took this kid in for several years for free when he was five but in the end it takes money. I might change my mind on that freak talented kid and bring him back into the group even if it is going to cost me (picking him up and dropping him off daily) equipment gear etc..... in the end he has to pay for USTA and travel, I am not sure I can carry another kid, I already have two going through this USTA process
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