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Originally Posted by NLBwell View Post
A water bottle thrown at the body is not going to break your jaw, smash in your eye socket, give you a concussion, knock you out, or give you permanent brain damage (especially if your head hits the floor while you are unconcious), all of which a good punch could do.
That is NOT true at all. The force was equal to a punch - not a jab, but a punch. The bottle is made of hard plastic and full of water. It will break your nose if it is throw right at your face with some force.

You do not seem to understand what the common law addresses. Unless you are a little kid, if you think using an object to attack somebody is far less serious than a fist attack, you are in some serious misconception.

Permanent injuries are only justified in a civil court when damages are measured. An mere attack in force, no matter how small, is still an attack in a criminal court.
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