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Originally Posted by Chas Tennis View Post
Many years ago I played often with player who developed serious back pain. He was in his 30s. He went to see a Dr. The Dr treated him by having him do exercises. The exercises were painful and the general pain continued.

After about a year, he had imaging done on his back. The Dr then said that the exercises could not have helped his back problem and might even had made it worse.

He has not played since then.

If you have a slip-disc or other back problem doing exercises is risky. Find a well qualified Dr.

FYI - Link to back treatment for vertebrae osteoporosis. No personal experience but a player that I know says that his mother did very well with this procedure, kyphoplasty, performed on two different surgeries.

I have a different prespective. It's not that doing exercises is risky. Doing the wrong exercises is risky. That said, I'll bet that the person in question here got ample feedback from his body that the exercises he was doing were not constructive, and he most likely ignored that feedback thinking "well, the doctor told me to do it." Always trust your instincts. If something feels destructive instead of constructive, it probably is.

Working with people with bulging or herniated discs is the most common thing we do in our clinic and it's one of the easier things we deal with in terms of helping the client get symptom relief. The body NEEDS motion, but it needs complementary motion. Take the advice of doing McKenzie stuff above. It's mostly extension based. Well, if you have someone who has a bulging disc because their spine lacks extension, they might happen to do very well with that protocol. If they have a bulging disc because their spine has too much extension, that protocol will likely send them to the surgical table in screaming pain.

Where is the body out of balance, and what does it need to come back to balance? That's the question.

Bulging discs are not a big deal if you deal with them intelligently and listen to your body as you do so.
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