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Originally Posted by t135 View Post
Seems that the Young's have decided to show the world something, stick together no matter what happens. Hey if they're happy what can you say?
Yes.....he has made $1,396,941 so far in tournament winnings, so its not as though hes been woefully unsuccessful. But, Im guessing thats still small peanuts compared to what he would like to have achieved by now. Having been a pro since 2004 according to his ATP bio, that means hes averaging ~$175k/yr, which after expenses, is probably not exactly living high off the hog, but not a bad living either.

I think many folks feel he has the talent though to have earned several multiples of that. I am no expert at talent evaluation, but seeing him in person its obvious hes got big time wheels, is very athletic, and does have some big shots. His serve has a "quick release" vibe to it, which at least to me, almost has a Roscoe Tanner look with it seeming as though his striking the ball on its way up.
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