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I have zero problem with a client getting imaging. I do think imaging diagnostics like MRIs are overused, especially in cases of minor to moderate pain. If a client is worried and fretting about the condition of their spine, I encourage them to get an MRI and find out.

But if they ask me if the results of the MRI will change my work with them, the answer is no. The MRI doesn't show the problem. It shows the RESULT of the problem. The problem is the spine has become fundamentally mispositioned. The discs wouldn't displace otherwise. So in case, I have two fundamental objectives:

1. Prescribe the appropriate corrective exercises to bring the body back to postural and functional balance.

2. Listen to the client's instincts and allow their wisdom to drive the process.

If I give a client an exercise that is posturally indicated but causes a mild increase in their symptom, that's their body telling me it's not ready to do that movement or position yet. We listen to that and find another way to get where we want to go.

My bottom line, if a client asks me if they think they should get an MRI, I tell them there are two fundamental circumstances in which I think that's absolutely appropriate:

1. Given the symptom presentation there is a distinct possibility of an issue that requires immediate medical or surgical intervention. When we're talking about mild to moderate back pain, that is beyond rare.

2. If the client is so mentally wrapped around the axle that they just "have to know". If it gives them peace of mind, great.
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