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I read that Isospeed Pulse was the same string, so I bought some. It doesn't play as plush as Beast, IMO. It is close, firmer, but close and about 1/2 price. I'm currently testing Spin Cycle. If I don't like that, I'll bite the bullet and buy Beast over Pulse, it just feels better.
I have heard the same about Pulse but I have not tried it. I'm also looking for an alternate price wise for Beast. Again, the search for the perfect string continues....

Some have mentioned the life of Beast here as a bonus. I wanted to back that up. I coach high school tennis and many of my top players use Beast. I wouldn't say they are super string breakers but they actually break string more than I do and Beast last them, me us a long time compared to other strings we have tried. It does cost more, but you get more life in my opinion. Plus, a few of the guys notice slight difference in Hybrid so that saves money.
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