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Spot has correctly stated that it is very possible for weak players to get playing time -- just not on a playoff bound team.
Not at all. Every team that I know that made the playoffs played every person on their roster at least twice. They played the weaker players where they thought that they could get wins. Sometimes this is against weaker teams, sometimes its against a stronger team and they have a stronger partner. EVERY playoff team balances playtime to some degree.

In an individual wins league, I simply cannot do that. I will have to play the weak players twice to qualify them for sectionals. So I will sneak them in somewhere, probably with a strong partner who can carry them against a weak team. Instead of putting out four weak players, I can only put out two. So my weak players don't get as many chances to play
They don't get a chance to play only if you choose not to play them. You could put them in matches agianst middle of the pack teams with a strong partner and still get the win if you choose to. You are choosing to be more ruthless as a captain which is your choice- but it is certainly a choice.

I was on an individual wins team a few years back, and it was bound and determined to advance. I was weak. I played exactly one match with a strong partner (and received one default win). I am not complaining -- I knew the team goal going in.

But since I paid $75 to register, that was one awfully expensive match.
And you knew the team philosophy going in. I don't see the issue. You joined a very competitive team and they told you that up front. There are other teams where they would balance play time more even if it could possibly cost them the playoffs. Maybe you needed every single point to make the playoffs. For our teams we know that there are a certain number of points we can drop during the season and still qualify and will balance our playtime accordingly.

But sure- if you are the bottom player on a roster that is built to be extremely competitive then there are times you will be skipped in the lineup for stronger players. There are many other teams that have a different philosophy.

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