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Originally Posted by diredesire View Post
I wonder if my bias is because the carts I've strung on have a lip on the top that puts the stringer in a slightly recessed tray... I haven't strung on a cart with a totally flat surface on the top, I bet the lip forces me to push the stringer further away... I haven't really given it much thought since it's such a rare occurrence for me. What you describe sounds pretty reasonable to me as a convenient setup. There are high end machines with gigantic columns with storage underneath, after all.a
Yeah, that recessed tray would be a pain. I'd have to fashion a riser(like the old telephone table riser used to store the phone book--?phone book? under the phone) to raise the machine well clear of the lip. Some of the 'work station' carts at the big box stores are flat on top. I used a 'WorkForce' cart for a few years. It was stout enough to hold my Major/Tecnifiber Sp II and was a flat work surface on top.

"Agreed. If you're stringing for a long time, the elbow height string bed will help you prevent tension in your shoulders from hunching them together for hours on end, similar to the ideal ergonomic computer setup. I always (used to) strung a little higher than my elbows because... well, I'm short, and the machines were shared ;"

In the old days, I drove the other stringers nuts when I set the Ektelon machine at the highest position...same for the Star 3 years later. If the others were willing to try the higher position, they usually ended up liking it.
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