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Originally Posted by TennisCJC View Post
You got a really good deal. I have very similar 6 year old LaSerFibre that I bought new for $600 and they threw in 6-8 sets of string. I consider it the premier drop weight machine on the market. The only thing that I would want is maybe a suspension mounting system in a new machine but I plan on using my LaSerFibre forever so that should tell you that the mounting system is good enough.

I bought a $50 tool stand from and it came with a wooden table top. I have never secured the machine to the top but I might buy some u-bolts and attached it by put the bolts thru the wooden top.

If you need parts or accessories, try Stringway as the old LaSerFibre is now Stringway. If your machine does not have a brake, you can get one from Stringway for $12 in parts.
As a technicality, Laserfibre was always Stringway. They weren't secretive about rebranding/partnering when they were selling the machines Stock and prices were always linked to the exchange rate, and you had to call for price quotes

The brake tip is gold! I'll have to forward that info to a friend. The one issue I had with the machine was the complete omission of a brake. Even though the implemented brake is pretty discrete, it'll do.
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