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Originally Posted by spot View Post
YOu don't need to take 5 points every week in order to make playoffs. You can drop a significant number of points and still make playoffs every season. We have 7 week regular seasons and normally the top 2 teams make playoffs in an 8 team division (normally with a few third place teams also getting in). Taking 23 of the 35 points lets you make playoffs in every division I looked at but I didn't exhaustively search. You have at least 12 points you can drop over the season and still be perfectly fine. (and often significantly more than that...) Going to individual wins doesn't mean that you HAVE to take 5 every week. It just means that teams are given an incentive to try and do so.
I think your argument is circular. You're saying individual wins encourages captains to put out stronger lineups every week, and you're saying that's a benefit. But now you're also saying that in your experience you can afford to drop individual points and so play your weaker players as well... so not put out your strongest lineup each week.

Of course the choice of competitive balance (wins vs playing time for weaker players) is ultimately up to the captain, under either structure.

But the logic is clear: The more incentive there is for captains to put out the strongest lineup for each line every week, the less the weaker players are going to play - at least on teams that care about doing well.

Anyway, I don't think we are going to convince each other, so let's agree to disagree.
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