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Originally Posted by schmke View Post
What might be interesting is to just run a simulation of equal teams with different strategies to see what happens.
I don't think that simulation would be any more valuable than running a tournament of paper, rock scissors. There is no strategy that would beat all others, only ones that would work best against what other people choose to do. This is a classic game theory problem.

If several people wanted to PM their idea for a lineup then I would be happy to run their lineups against all other people that submitted them to show this. But in the end it simply would depend on what you think that your opponent would choose to do and what their biases are.

In the classic game theory version of this game you would simply have 100 units that you could place across the 5 lines however you wish. so you could do

96 1 1 1 1

some people think you woudl go balanced with

20 20 20 20 20

Of course that loses 1-4 against a team that dumps a line with

0 25 25 25 25

which always loses to a team that dumps 2 lines

0 0 33 33 34

which almost always loses to a team that puts out 2 great lines and 3 mediocre ones.

5 5 5 42 43

Which always loses to the balanced team of

20 20 20 20 20

And of course this is the situation with equal numbers. THink about the situation where one team had 80 points to play with and the other team had 100. The strategies change a great deal.

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