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Individual wins format gives competitive teams the incentive to avoid the risk of a loss more than in teams win format. Surely we can agree on that?
I think that for any group of 10 players, the team wins format gives captains INCENTIVE to have noncompetitive lines if they can use their worst player against the other teams best. So sure- you can say that there is less risk of loss if you wish to say it that way, I jsut can't see how that is considered a good thing. I just don't see it as a beneift for the league that in many situations you have incentive to put out non-competitive lines and hope that they face the other team's best players as it makes the rest of your lineup stronger.

Maybe you think that it makes your job easy as captain. But it also makes it easy for captains to try and put out their worst players against your best. It makes it easy for players to manipulate their ratings in a completely meaningless match. In USTA teams have no incentive at all to try and win every line. I am just a big believer in incentives and I think that teams should be given incentive to compete at every line. I have no idea why this is a controversial statement.

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