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Originally Posted by keithfival View Post
They feel great on my feet, I think my feet feel a bit better than with TV, but after 2 weeks I'm noticing some slight soreness just above both of my kneecaps, something I've never ever ever felt before.

Anyone have a sense of what parameter might be related to this? My guess is the lower riding heels of these is making me a little more flatfooted (less on my toes) creating more shock and causing my knees to hyperextend backwards a little?
Interesting, and your theory might be correct.

However, if your theory is correct, then you have become too dependent on heel lift in shoes to your detriment. A flatter shoe is actually more athletic as it allows more range of movement with the leg muscles (which is why sprint spikes, for instance, do not have a built up heel). This requires more leg strength and flexibility. I believe a lot of people have become too dependent on the shoe to keep them on their toes, rather than using their own muscles which means that their leg flexibility decreases.

Start stretching your legs after play and try to stay on your toes and see if it makes a difference.
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