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Originally Posted by spot View Post
I am just a big believer in incentives and I think that teams should be given incentive to compete at every line. I have no idea why this is a controversial statement.
Not controversial, and I don't disagree with that.

I have just been trying to point out that one side effect of competing to the fullest at every line is that weaker players will get used less. That's it.

Actually if the goal is to set up the most competitive matches at every line, then the lines need to be weighted by order of strength. Reposted from something I said ealier in this thread:

Rather than giving a point per line, matches would be something like:
5 points - #1 singles
3 points - #2 singles
5 points - #1 dubs
4 points - #2 dubs
3 points - #3 dubs
Season standings would be based on cumulative total points.
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