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Originally Posted by OrangePower View Post
Actually if the goal is to set up the most competitive matches at every line, then the lines need to be weighted by order of strength. Reposted from something I said ealier in this thread:

Rather than giving a point per line, matches would be something like:
5 points - #1 singles
3 points - #2 singles
5 points - #1 dubs
4 points - #2 dubs
3 points - #3 dubs
Season standings would be based on cumulative total points.
I really like this idea...with the exception that I'd still prefer team wins to dictate the overall flight standings, with total points or even head-to-head determining the winner in the case of a tie.

I though USTA is, after all, supposed to be a "team" sport.

What I really like about your proposal is it puts the onus on the team captain to determine "order of strength" rather than (D)NTRP or merely convention. Seriously, captains know their team players better than any computer ever could. Sometimes it's about the matchup with the upcoming team, sometimes it's a player's mindset. I have one teammate who complete freaks if she's asked to play Line 1...even though we've been on teams in the past where she truly was one of the teams top players. I also know the opposite: a teammate who thinks she's #1 dubs...but doesn't understand when the captain puts her at #2 (because, sometimes, that's the most crucial line to win).

And because it's a good idea,

it'll never happen.
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