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Originally Posted by Nickac View Post
Ok so I'm playing in my first mixed couples comp and I have some questions about etiquette.

I have a pretty strong and fast first serve. What rules do I follow. Do I haut take pace off of it or do I hit her my second serve which is a kick.

I have plate mixed doubles in the past and kinda just followed what the other guy serves. I have had guys that don't care and hit to my partner at probably 120mph. In fact I have never really seen guy hold back to much. So I haut copy there speed.

Also what are some other unspoken rules. I want to play fair and don't want to be labeled an a-hole. I also want to win though.
gooberac said it well.

If this is country club or club tennis and you will see these people again, do play nice by not railing a ball eye level while she's at net. Many times kick serves are just as gnarly to return cause they are nasty bounces. I'd probably give her a first with a bit of pace taken off. Play to win but play nice as nothing gained by humiliating someone at a much lesser place in their game. Win but win's so much cooler to do it that way.
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