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Originally Posted by Tamiya View Post
ok fellow 200G fanatics... any idea what causes these frames to warp??

just noticed my black-grip example to have taken a kink at top of hoop.
No frame cracks found, strings measured as evenly tensioned all round ok.

My green-grip Grafil (bought & owned new) has survived school
& left in hot cars etc yet still stays straight at the beam.

Worth clamping in a vice & torsioning it back?
I think they warped mainly due to this frame basically being a soft graphite frame. Sometmes they were strung too tight, left in cars, strung from the bottom up, lots of other reasons as well, but basically yes, the oldest versions warp the most.

I have quite a few versions with warped heads, and once warped, I think that's it, it won't unwarp, but still plays well, unless very warped!
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