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Originally Posted by jimbo333 View Post
I think they warped mainly due to this frame basically being a soft graphite frame. Sometmes they were strung too tight, left in cars, strung from the bottom up, lots of other reasons as well, but basically yes, the oldest versions warp the most.

I have quite a few versions with warped heads, and once warped, I think that's it, it won't unwarp, but still plays well, unless very warped!
Jimbo, I think you are right...I've not the "final proof", but, by examining a lot of pics I've always been convinced that until 1986 Mac used the very first version of the 200g, that with round holes (and about that I'm pretty sure) and with taperad beam (this is my impression, in many pics I've observed over the years the top of the head seems thinner)...and I think this is why he switched only very later to his signature model (squared holes)...

About warping, I think that at least half of the frames I have owned were somehow warped...that is, is is much more difficult to find a straight 200g (any cosmetic) than a warped one!! In the end, they still plays pretty well...

You can try to unwarp it (I tried and it works) using the old trick suggested by my granfather when I was a child to unwarp wooden racquets...put the head of the racquet in a recepient filled with hot water for 10-15 minutes, then extract the racquet and 'clamp' it immediately. Or sandwich the head with heavy, say, books (enciclopedy) on the head. This procedure works for wood and also for plastic. Objects tend to be back to their original form. Leave it clamped for some weeks (say, a couple of months) and see the result...

And be very careful when you string the racquet...give always preference to stringers with six blocking points machines and string al tensions not above, say, 22-23kg. And enjoy!!
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