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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
I will be at the Holiday Inn.

I will be driving from San Diego. When are you in SD?
Was planning to just stay one night in SD somewhere near Airport? And then head out early in the morning?...But now I'm wondering if I should check out the SD sites before driving over to IW on Fri (OR I can see sitesee on the way back).

Also, anyone have advice on how long to spend in IW and SD? I usually get kind of burned out after 4 days of watching tennis (ie: Aussie Open, US Open) - much rather be playing** The events are fun, and will definitely checkout the weekend activities.

3/12 UPDATE:

My pics are up on Flickr (didn't want to spam this board) -

Saw some of the TW playtesters and their demo court but unfortunately the line was a little too long when I got there (very popular attraction this year).

As for playing tennis - Got invited to fill in for some missing guys at Monteray CC - part of 4th annual "Team Tennis Championships" for a Minnesota team that needed extra 4.0 men...

It was exactly what I was looking for from this thread...(play tennis in the morning, watch more in the afternoon + at night); great people and awesome dinner* Hope they have something like this at other tourneys too

**Btw, I checked out La Jolla - beach just north of SD and was cool to see the seals out there on the beach.

The drive on Rt 74 (aka "Pines to Palms" Hwy was very cool - light dusting of snow like Granite said...) - recommend doing this route only in the day time though - Big Horn has a lot of twists and turns but extremely fun for spirted drive

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