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Default Mizuno volleyball shoe for indoor tennis

I know it's an odd question but, after injuring my foot while playing in Asics followed by a couple of weeks of court, I have returned to playing, but now I am wearing my Mizuno wave running shoes ! They feel better then the Asics, I move around the court better (singles player), and when I try the tennis shoes they feel clunky and my foot hurts in the area I injured (pad of my left foot).
Mizuno does not make a tennis shoe but they do make volleyball shoes. It looks to me like the sole of their volleyball shoes have sections of softer rubber, looks almost "sticky",I think to help plant before jumping. Since I only manage 1 or 2 Sampras style tomahawk overheads per match, that may not be a plus for me.
Just wondering if anyone had tried Mizuno Vball shoes for tennis.
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