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the problem with Novak's game is that most players are the same style as his nowadays (baseline grinders/retrievers) so when he plays a lower ranked guy like seppi, he is effectively playing a lesser version of himself.

homogenised courts = homogenised players
more court diversity is needed so we can see what makes Novak and his types special. Novak Vs. Murray at AO final this year wasn't as interesting as Wawrinka Vs. Novak, or Federer Vs. Murray. Because Murray and Novak are too similar in style.

Imagine if all players were big servers like Isner and Roanic... Boring. Too similar.

Federer contrasts well with so many players because he has such a diverse style. Can retrieve from baseline, can hit flat and powerful through the court, can hit with spin, can serve big and volley and can be an all courter... all in the same set or even game.
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