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Originally Posted by Paullaconte1 View Post
Djokovic can be the world no.1 but Federer's tennis is so much more enjoyable. Yesterday I had so much fun watching Roger playing with Davydenko.

There were 2 completely different matches.

Federer - Davydenko: refreshing aggressive tennis. Lot's of combinations... lot's of fun

Djokovic - Seppi: as boring as ever. Seppi's game didn't help.

Baby Federer... tryi to grow fast... we need excitement in the game!
Interesting how they swap the roles once they leave the courts....
Federer becomes a stuck up, money loving, always same crap Swiss, and Novak turns into open minded, fun and free speaking guy...

Federer's style is probably going to remain the best and most enjoyable to watch, for a long time. His movement, floating on the court, smooth shots and limited court emotions are indeed pure joy to watch.
It even becomes more entertaining when he is getting his ***** kicked and when he puts some emotions into it....
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