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Originally Posted by Buford T Justice View Post
I agree it is not a fantastic living he is likely earning, but its still better than average on the tour and better than the average USA wage earner even if he takes home 30%.

All that said.....still well below what his potential might indicate. And....I suppose that may ring true for many of us in our "regular" work lives as well!
You may want to look over those numbers again. $1.4 mil over a 9 year career is about $160,000 per year. Expenses run about $140,000 a year. Perhaps his expenses have run a little less because he doesn't get very deep in draws, and has generally had dismal success outside the USA. He's 38 and 86 in wins and losses on the main tour in singles, and the prize money also includes doubles.

I'm sure the Nike sponsorship paid well but your analysis of a 'comfortable living' may be a little off. But he is doing what he loves, and that is what really matters. For sure. He's living his own dream, which is cool.

Well...that and winning...professional athletes play to win as far as I know. Be all that you can be. Reach your potential. All that good stuff.
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