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ouch, that's a big question, and really depends where you are in this great brown land.

should probably page Gregor B to the thread, he's the man for QLD

I guess th e short answer is, are you winning? if you win/lose about 50 % or at least have tight matches, then you are probably in the right division!

if the numbers swing further than about 75% either way, then you're probably not..

The long answer involves various states using different systems and is a bit of a pain, really.

In Hobart, for example, everything is ITN based, even down to individual ratings being split (ie, a player might be a 3.5 (NTRP 5.5, US observers) in Hobart even though there is technically no such rating)

But that's what I know, I have no idea how it's done in QLD..
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