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Sean Dugan
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Is Vince the oldest first time singles title winner ever on the ATP Tour? He is almost thirty (29 years, 8 months). Unusually old for a first time winner. The "journeyman" in quotes thing was someone referring to what Agassi once called Vince a few years back. Probably after Vince defeated AA at the Aussie Open (1997?). Vince lost 21 straight ATP matches that is at least 20 first round losses in a row. I think he ended the streak by beating Rusedski at Wimbledon. You have to admire Spadea's tenacity. And wasn't he working with Pete Fischer for a while? Can't see what Fischer would offer him as a coach since his only claim to fame is "discovering" Sampras, and directing him to people (Lansdorf?, etc.) that actually know how to coach.
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