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Personally, I think those players who had to back out of playing on your team are the ones who should be subsidizing the costs of the 2 hardcore singles players.

Failure to enforce this will only lead to more players "dropping out" for a variety of reasons in the future.

If people have ANY doubts about their ability to participate on a tennis team where money is involved, then people should NOT sign up. This includes injuries as well, as some people are simply more injury-prone then others.

If I'm due a refund, then I expect a refund in full.

Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
I am co-captaining a ladies 40+ team. We started off with a full roster, including five singles players.

Registration fees in our league are about $40. Matches cost $18 each. Players pre-pay for four matches when they register. When the season ends, those who played more than four matches get a bill; those who played less get a refund.

Once the season schedule was released, one singles player dropped off the team because it conflicted with work.

Another singles player got injured.

Another singles player's husband started traveling a lot and she can't get a sitter.

That leaves us with two die-hard singles players who will each probably play nine matches. Without them, we would be defaulting courts at $36 a pop (default cost spread among all players on the team). Trouble is, they hadn't anticipated racking up court fees of $18 x 9.

My co-captain and I feel badly that they are paying so much for being willing to play to avoid defaults. We are looking for a way to make it up to them. We could simply pay some of their court costs, but then again, we're not made of money either and have our own court costs to pay.

Here's the idea I want to run past you folks: When it comes time for the end-of-season reconciliation, some folks will be owed a refund. We captains could suggest that players voluntarily donate some of their refund to offset the court costs of these two singles players. After all, the reason these two ladies are playing so much is because other people are not available or won't play singles.

If you were one of those players, how would you feel about this request? Would you kick in a few bucks, or would you consider the request inappropriate?
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