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What do I think of a coin flip?

It depends. If I think I had less than a 50% chance of winning the match by playing it out, then I love the coin flip.

If my chances of winning the match by playing it out are greater than 50%, then I hate it.

Originally Posted by walton123 View Post
40+ adult league, 4 position matches ( 1 singles, 3 doubles), new format for our region, simple rules sent out at start of season indicating - if tie match 2-2, go to sets and if tied go to games.

We played recently and tied on all fronts - positions, sets, and games. Neither team knew what to do as our emailed rule sheet said to go to games. We figured we would enter in tennislink, it would go as tie and be determined at seasons end. As it turns out, we were instructed by LLC the next day that a coin toss would need to be done to determine match winner. Many on our team are upset that we would now determine matches this way - as "remote" a chance of this happening (a full tie all around) it happened so maybe it isn't so remote.

We will suck this up as we lost the flip and subsequently(after the fact) the LLC emailed new rules stating this......a little late. Previous to this our league was 5 positions which could not yield ties but this season we went to 4. Seems better planning could have been done. I hear another league very close to us is using "positions won" for the season to determine standings - this seems to be more fair as at least some credit is given. We are told our rules stand for now and could be revised next year - Not sure I like this 18+ 5 position, 40+ 4 position structure and certainly not happy about this TIE being determined by flip of coin.

What does everyone think? I am interested in your thoughts.
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