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You guys are going to hate me for saying this but i'll do so anyway because it is a key difference between matches and highlight reels...

Novak is like one of my hitting partners. Plays conservative high % tennis for two+ hours then, when he is secure in his position, if he is up a set and a break he will come in for a volley or do a drop shot or the splits* or something for the highlight reel or the girls on the sidelines. Always make sure to finish the match with flair if he has a decent lead. The five minute highlights look good, but the other 2-3 hours are nondescript. The guy is a great tennis player, but let's not kid ourselves, he's not an attacking tennis player. He doesn't play first strike tennis.

On the other hand, you have Federer**...

Oh... and so it's not just about the usual guys... Check out this return of serve from Nikolay to save set-point...

* i admit that he does this sometimes to be able to get to shots and not just showing off. pretty impressive athleticism and flexibility
** You really need me to explain? Just watch his latest match. The full thing. Put aside that it is Federer playing, no commentary necessary.
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