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I need to study this more as I am not familiar with the biomechanical terminology.

The original video mentions two ways of rotating:

1. Rotating from the elbow
2. Rotating from the shoulder

To me, it feels like I am leading with my bent elbow (flat serve) and then snapping up at contact, using mostly a rotation from the elbow.

I snap up and get to the "looking at the wrist watch" position and then feel my elbow straighten out.

At that point, I am not sure how much sensation I should feel in the biceps area.

I am very loose and relaxed and don't feel any pain but sometimes when straightening out the elbow and quickly snapping up I feel a little pull in the biceps area -- no pain but a pull -- don't know if that is normal...

Maybe at this point (after ball contact), I should switch from "rotating with the elbow" to "rotating with the shoulder" and see if that places less stress on the shoulder...

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