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Originally Posted by Sentinel View Post
But how can Rafa be the GOAT due to H2H if he has a poor H2H with Nole ? He could not beat a prime Nole in 2011 (whereas Fed could !!).

If Fed benefitted from a weak era, then so did Rafa, winning his slams before Joker peaked. (Now Nole has a weak era since Fed and Rafa are finished). Soon the weak era of Murray's domination will commence *rolls eyes*
He has a losing H2H with Rosol. How can he be the GOAT when he has a losing H2H with a guy ranked outside the top 50?

Let's see what Ralph's H2H is with Nole when he retires. My guess is he will be on the losing end.

Because it's not really fair to compare eras or generations, the best way to find the GOAT is to look at GS glory. 17>11>6. Once these three retire we'll know who was the best by their GS count.
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