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Default 50 years from now

It just came to my mind that if I develop my game around big hitting (power serves, strong groundstrokes, even though I S&V a lot), I might become a great player and win many matches against the folks here (casual recreational tennis, max 4.5 maybe). However, if I get used to force my way through, I'm setting myself a dead-end limit: I'm 26, and I can do fine bashing the ball, but I won't have the same condition when I'm 76. I'll have a style of play and a know-how on court that just won't suit my body and physical condition. Actually, I'll be lucky if my body can still handle any tennis at all. I'll suck, then.
On the other hand If I spend the next 50 years playing easy on the ball (still agressive playing, but not hard), I may lose more now, but actually be a better player when I reach my 60s or 70s - I'll have all the experience AND a style of play that doesn't rely on my body strenght or muscles. My joints will also thank me on my non-tennis life.
I guess that would be a smart decision to take now, especially as I play just for fun and have no intention or capacity to play professionaly or in competitions.

What do you think I should focus on to reach my goal? HOw to play agressively without using power only? HOw to use the other guy's power against him? I'm open to technique tips, types of racquets (heavy mid for control or MP/OS for easy power?) and any thoughts you may have to contribute to the discussion.
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