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Originally Posted by tennis_ocd View Post
hmmm. yes and no. d3coaches certainly have an input into admissions. But even more, likely a couple of "very strong inputs" each year typically reserved for outstanding/highly desired/fully committed (to school) student. Not going to do miracles with poor SAT or GPA numbers or guarantee acceptance, but very close to it for a couple students.

My advice to OP would be to honestly evaluate what a kid wants out of college and tennis -- what is more important? All divisions are demanding; D1 incredibly so.
It's consistent with what I have seen. We know a girl, a 3 star tennis player, got into Univ Chicago. Even though she had really high SAT (over 2,300!) and GPA, the tennis coach was not able to get her in with early decision. She was wait-listed and got in early spring with the help of the coach.
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