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We sure have it good where I am. It's $30 to register for a team and court & ball costs and how they are paid are at the discretion of the captains. Some do a pay as you play method. Some have the entire team pay equally. Since I play everyone equally, I divide the costs for the whole team. The home team is solely responsible for the court fees and balls. For my 3.0 team of 12, it worked out to $44/person for the season. 15 matches total for the season (7 home), everyone is playing from 9-11 matches each.

Edit: As for being asked to subsidize someone's court time? I don't think I'd be too happy with the person that asked. However, if it was couched in the terms of "either we can pay $X for a defaulted court or we can pay $Y (if $Y is less than $X) to avoid defaulting" it would be a much easier pill to swallow.
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