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Originally Posted by Nadalgaenger View Post
Rafa won most of his slams against the GOAT!! He beat the GOAT on his favorite surface! In 2008, Fed was supremely dominant at Wimby until the Nadal match--he hadn't dropped a set going into that showdown!

Nadal did to the GOAT what the GOAT could never do to him--knock him off on his favorite surface. Sorry, but Fed's FO title was a bit of a joke--he didn't beat a single top player on clay and almost lost to Haas and Del Potro along the way.
So? If we compare to Fed, Nadal's resume off clay is incredibly weak sauce. Mainly he is the clay GOAT which is why he has so many slams. If he wins only 4 majors across 3 of the 4 majors, that is not the kind of versatile greatness of someone who is better than another player who at his worst three slams has won a total of 10 titles.

Nadal never went into his career thinking, "I want to have positive H2Hs against everyone." He wanted to win titles and become a prestigious champion, which he has done very well. But Federer winning more titles than Nadal each of the last two years even though Federer is "done" according to so many should tell you something about greatness.

Also, if you really wanna go there, then Nadal's three slams in 2010 were joke draws. But that would be stupid to say also; talking about draws like this is silly because draws balance out over time and Federer got to five slam finals on every slam. Not like he hasn't proven himself lol.
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