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Default pain in outside of hand (pinky) above wrist

Recently I have switched rackets from a Babolat pure drive to a new Wilson Blade 98 (always using a Multi string no polys). I hit for a few weeks no problem then one day I hit with my son for about 3hrs hard and I started to develop a pain in the outside of my hand in the pinky about an inch above the wrist. It almost feels like a broke bone on impact it is right were the racket handle sits in the palm.

Over a year ago I broke my wrist and had to take 8 months off and when I started playing again this is the same spot I would get pain in my hand. I have been playing for the last 6 months or so pain free in the hand and wrist.

Do you think the pain is a result of the new racket? It feels a lot nicer on the arm than my pure drive. Anyone else have this issue switching rackets and any suggestions?
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