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Originally Posted by aryansmith View Post

Can you tell me how your friends change to the Pro's Pro Automatic release string/base clamps you have pictured above went and how he likes them? I have a Eagnas 910 Combo with a broke clamp as well. I've been using floating clamps to get by but I really hate the inconsistency I'm getting since they are cheap clamps too. I was thinking about doing the upgrade you have listed but it's still a good chunk to put down (160).

Sure beats buying a new machine though.
Hello, I'm the friend. The Pro's Pro rails fit perfectly on my Alpha Pioneer DC Plus. I'm not sure if the holes will line up for the 910... Someone else may need to chime in.
The weight of the clamp is not heavy enough to activate the auto release (yet). Maybe they need some more use to break them in. The way I see it, if the auto release never functions properly, then I see a problem. To release the base clamp, you need to drive the clamp post down hard enough to disengage the base clamp, which sometimes takes me two tries to achieve. Or the other way is to push the button on top of the switch, which takes some force to do. If the force of impact doesn't easily release the base, then you can imagine how much force you'll need to push with your finger. I don't think my finger will enjoy that for the long haul. The original spring assisted base clamps on my Alpha are more straight forward to use.
As mentioned before, they may just need more use to break them in to loosen them up. So far, I'm not too impressed, but will give them more time.
BTW, they are out of stock until April.
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