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Originally Posted by 5555 View Post
You would commit logical fallacy argumentum ad populum if you would use opinion of most posters to support your claim.
Logical fallacy argumentum ad populum. I love that.
Haven't bothered to read your link but the name says it all - the power and influence of the mob.
If I speak BS enough times and persuade others to copy, create a chain reaction of opinion and normalise. Bingo!
I will regurgitate that against my girlfriend next time she quotes her friends opinions lining up with hers in an argument to justify her oft irrational and unbearable hormonal behaviour.
That will stop her in her tracks. Or maybe not? It'll surely at least make her pause for thought before carrying on the narking onslaught.
Thank you 5555. I knew something useful would eventually come of this thread.
I love John Isner
Deal with it

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