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Modern carbon graphites are a epoxy cure resin (unaffected by heat)
but is the "Grafil injection" a thermoplastic resin shot into the mold?

Originally Posted by paoloraz View Post
About warping, I think that at least half of the frames I have owned were somehow warped...that is, is is much more difficult to find a straight 200g (any cosmetic) than a warped one!! In the end, they still plays pretty well...
yeah still just looking at the banana, might try to play it first
Feels ok on the bench; curious if any difference between sides...

My warp measures about 8-9mm off level, not too noticeable to most eyes.
(It's still strung btw)

You can try to unwarp it (I tried and it works) using the old trick suggested by my granfather when I was a child to unwarp wooden racquets...put the head of the racquet in a recepient filled with hot water for 10-15 minutes, then extract the racquet and 'clamp' it immediately. Or sandwich the head with heavy, say, books (enciclopedy) on the head. This procedure works for wood and also for plastic. Objects tend to be back to their original form. Leave it clamped for some weeks (say, a couple of months) and see the result...
ya, familiar with woodworking - old enough to have worked on English ash
frames... and racquet frames haha. It's more the steam/humidity to
make wood pliable enough to bend though, then dry it clamped to shape.
Doesn't work the same if you're just using a heatgun not a steamer.

Have had a little involvement in shaping/moulding plastics too;
some plastics are hydroscopic but aren't affected by water like wood does.
The water might cause bubbles within the plastic once heated to its
melt point though.

My warp seems to be axis'd horizontally across 10-2, not an overall curve.
Was testing a rig to clamp the top 4" level & cantilever a weight at the butt.
Will wait until I've played it first then cut strings out.

And be very careful when you string the racquet...give always preference to stringers with six blocking points machines and string al tensions not above, say, 22-23kg. And enjoy!!
ya I'll be weaving it myself on a 6pt, syngut 45-50lb.
Or might try it for a low tension experiment hehe

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