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If I've correctly figured out what you're asking, the answer is pretty simple. You should know where you're hitting the ball automatically once you realize where your opponent is going with it. Basically, there are guidelines for picking targets; you don't just pick them willy-nilly. If you have time to set up, you hit the ball where your opponent isn't. Pretty simple, right? If you don't have time, or if you're returning serve, play the ball crosscourt for time and safety. Hit approach shots down the line unless there is a huge opening crosscourt in which you can hit a winner. If you're in the "inside-out position," hitting inside out is crosscourt and pulling the trigger inside-in is down the line. These are the basic rules. You can always modify them a little, but watch the pros. They follow these rules almost all the time. Playing with these rules in mind simplifies things dramatically and should solve your problem. Good luck!
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