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Back to diary;

Mick got a Nadal AeroPro. Silly, he was looking at Babs, so his grandparents got him this 110 inch Pure Overdrive. I was able to trade it for a Aero.

This is silly, he has a "Collection" of racquets now! A "Federer", a "Nadal", and a "Del Portro"!

Training log with Mick off the court:
1. Play catch with the tennis ball making him focus on the ball, that is his eye. Throw to the left and right, want to see his head move to see, increase speed until I'm nailing him, and he's catching it.
2. Throwing three balls in the air, let them bounce, then have him hit all three before they bounce. Could do 2 up until about a week ago, now can do 3.
3. Jogging forward and backwards
4. Place 4 objects near the baseline so he has to hit with a forehand, then immediately BH, then move back and a FH, then over to a BH, this works both sides of his brain.
5. Bounce the ball on the ground to catch, then do two balls so I'm throwing one as he is, again works his concentration and brain.
6. Watching DVD's of Federer!

Training Mick on the court:

1. Hours at the net
2. Hours at mid court, catching ball in the air before it bounces
3. Baseline. Not just return, but return a winner or set up for a winner.
4. Hours to the BH
5. The topspin, flat, slice drill, both hard and soft.
6. Hitting the ball on the rise
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