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Default Serrano UV-550-B

I saw one of these on Craigslist for $50 and I simply couldn't resist.

I have had my father in law stringing my rackets and got rid of my old gamma table top stringer a couple years ago. Since then I haven't really strung.

This unit came with the original owners business book, instructions, and number of tools and clamps etc...

Even better it came with a couple packs of strings, and some leather grips!

I had no string on me and decided to break it in with my Prestige Mid.

I had a half set of VS Gut 16g and Ashaway 15l gut, both looked to be over 25 years old!

After trial and error I did VS mains and Ashaway crosses. Definitely glad I had a couple awls and some olive oil on the last two crosses!

This machine really is wonderful. Took over 3 hours to get it going and to string the racket. It needed some grease to get the clamps and bars to slide freely and switching the mains clamps to cross clamps was a little tricky.

This unit was built in 1976 and definitely has the upgraded mounts as it can easily do an OS sized frame.

I will tryi to post pics!
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