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I would love to see Nike bring back a unlined 100% polyester warm-up jacket in all solid black again without any trim color on it. I been looking and most of them have ugly strips of white, green or blue color. Plus, the side pockets are not zippered or buttoned in todays models.

Some models have pockets are even worse and are openned at a diagonal, so what ever you place in them will fall out when you move your body for walking or bending over. On top of that; they are very shallow too. My old Nike warm-up - 20 years old could hold three tennis balls inside of one pocket and you could play tennis and they would not fall out. The current models can hold two; but you cannot move or one will fall out and if you bend over to pick up a tennis ball; the remaining ball will come out of the pocket. I returned three Nike warm-ups because of this happening.

Nike wants $65.00-$79.00 for this type of jacket which is a total waste of money since it a badly designed jacket. I hate also to have a draw string at the bottom of the jacket since it very easy to have the string get tangled in door entrances. Nike has shortcut somehow the process and are not testing the warm-up jackets before they go to production it seems.
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