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Originally Posted by Onehandedbackhand View Post
Ferrer, quite simply, has the sickest consistency of any player outside the top 4 that I've ever seen. He doesn't blow crazy leads, he doesn't have a shot that fails him, he doesn't make stupid errors, none of that. Even if it took a Rafa injury to get him to 4, he deserves it.

He just has to believe he can beat bigger names, and he doesn't have that. I think he'd be so damned dangerous if he had that belief at all because his consistency is ridiculous.

But he is what he is, and people need to realize that.
From this era, I believe Roddick was more consistent than Ferrer in terms of getting through matches and going quite deep into slams/big tournaments. Even in matches too; Although he's blown some leads, he's actually got far enough to blow leads against Federer (and that Gasquet one lol) whilst Ferrer plainly gets crushed when he loses.
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