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Originally Posted by Lakers4Life View Post
That looks exactly like my friend's machine, but it had the 6004 manual. Those mounting towers don't look as nice as the newer ones but they work great. Another friend of mine has those towers but with the new base clamps, 6004 circa 2004.

BTW my friend who has the same machine as you got it for $350, in So Cal. Anyone buying could probably buy the QA clamps for $150, then it would be worth $500 easily. Basically a 5003 with better mounting towers.
Yep, the mounting is what I'd consider to be pretty high end. Is his turntable the same? I have no idea what the tolerances are on the QA clamps, but I'd guess the actual clamp gap is higher on this turn table than the thin-ish turntable material. I personally wouldn't even bother upgrading to the QA clamps from the wing-nut clamps. The bases themselves are A-OK, they're just clumsy and may require a tiny bit more force.
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