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Originally Posted by gmatheis View Post
I recieved my DQ in the 2012 spring season.

Think about it ... if you are a 5.0 but you self rate as a 3.0 and get DQ'd to 3.5 why would you be a computer rated 3.5? The only thing they know is that you are too good for 3.0
2013 USTA League Regulations

Page 17

2.04A Applicability. The Regulations in this section are applicable only to the USTA League Adult Division.
2.04B NTRP Dynamic Disqualification Procedures. Dynamic ratings will be calculated for all Adult Division players during local league competition and at every level of championship competition below National Championships to determine if any players have reached the NTRP Dynamic Disqualification criteria stated in the USTA NTRP Computer Rating System Procedures. Players subject to NTRP Dynamic Disqualification, as described in the NTRP Dynamic Disqualification Table – inside back cover, will be dynamically disqualified if they reach the disqualification level three times based on all matches except retirements received. An NTRP dynamically disqualified player becomes a benchmark.
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