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Originally Posted by Cup8489 View Post
And yet... 17>11>6>1......

Weak era

Originally Posted by tennis_pro View Post
Yea out of 20 matches Federer played Murray exact 2 times before 2008. Unless you consider post 2008 as prime Federer which I'm sure you do as you want Hafa's victories in him in 2008/2009 to be more valuable.

With Nadal the h2h was close at the end of 2007 as well with Nadal leading just 8-6 and 6 of his wins on clay obviously (like you expect anything different than Nadal piling up the h2h's thanks to clay).
I'd say 2010.

But really, I was just pointing out that it isn't like Fed had a winning h2h against Rafa and Andy during his prime (even if you only consider it until 200, and they've just won matches after he's declined.
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