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Originally Posted by WildVolley View Post
Again, I'm confused.

The "on edge" portion of the swing is fairly small for most serves. All the stills shown are from just before contact, if the racket were on edge at this point it wouldn't be able to hit the ball.

Are people really arguing that the racket face stays on edge until just before contact?

This whole discussion has me confused. It seems that the whole issue is that luvforty seized on the "on edge" part of somebody's description of how to serve and it messed up his form.

Why not just drop the description and watch the motions that good servers make?
Instruction ‘on edge’ is a little bit confusing. This suggests that we need to hold constantly the racquet string bed in a vertical position during upward swing. So, this doesn’t allow us to use wrist extension/flexion to produce additional RHS. If we want to use wrist extension/flexion for extra speed creation, I believe it could be better to forget about ‘swing up on edge’. This is really not big deal.
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