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Originally Posted by derickyan View Post
go DTL? I mean he's already in the middle of the court, so wouldn't he be able to get that too? And also, if I tried to get him to hit his backhand, couldnt he just go around the ball easily and use a forehand? (I dont have the strongest/powerful shots)
^^What? If he hangs out close to the middle or has a habit of running there you need to hit down the line often enough make him second guess whether you are going CC or DTL. He's smashing because you guys are giving him a lot of easy putaways. You need to be able to place the ball and control the flight path of your ball pretty well in doubles. You've got to hit every shot with a purpose & intent. If you don't have that yet you'll need to put in the practice time.
The other poster meant try to lob the ball so that he has to smash from his backhand side.
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